10000 Fomp, from the series Lapsos de Silencio

Adam Goldstein

10000 Fomp, from the series Lapsos de Silencio

Oil on canvas  /  2019 - 164 x 164 cm

Adam Goldstein is a Colombian-Israeli artist living in Berlin, who’s not only a painter but also a hard-working carpenter. His works, reminiscent of the purest tendencies of abstraction from the 20th century, go beyond the merely visual and make the infinite fit within the limited space of a frame in a very personal and eloquent way.

Goldstein works with traditional materials, mainly oil, using a rather singular, delicate and parsimonious technique, which allows him to randomly experiment with light and color in search of the supreme instance of flatness.

The rhythmic agglomeration of the layers of color in Goldstein's work create points on the canvas where the indistinction between one color and another forms a kind of threshold in the sensitive experience of the viewer. Seeing a painting by Goldstein implies entering a silent plane in time. Thanks to the effects of light and the subtle blurring of the strokes, the various tones and the undefined transition between one color and another form an invisible painting, a guided moment of sensory experience.

Simón Henao

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