Bolsa plástica

Adrián Gaitán

Bolsa plástica

Acrylic on fabric, plastic, wood and metal  /  2016 - 59 x 45 cm


Adrián Gaitán's work focuses on the deconstruction and revision of symbols that are usually associated with high culture and with the most representative images in the history of western art. Gaitán constantly rethinks on the image and the aesthetic reference that Europe represents for Latin America.

His pieces are made and treated with abject, recycled materials, with a high symbolic potential of what could be considered as "low culture". The materiality is essential to understand his work since it generates irony regarding the triviality of the objects that the most privileged possess and also, the fragility of the concepts and images associated with art and culture.

Elements such as soil, cardboard, motor oil, used plastic, wood, among others, denote Gaitán's interest in the power of materials and in their ability to bring into tension any rigid concept.

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