Algo en cuatro patas

Fernando Pinto

Algo en cuatro patas

Travertino amarillo  /  2018 - 29 x 7 x 7 cm

Fernando Pinto's work is, amongst all, a defense of the sculptural essence. Although adapted to a contemporary aesthetic and context, Pinto's work is traditional from many perspectives. After graduating as a civil engineer, he opted for the arts and particularly for stone sculpture, a profession he studied and internalized in Pietrasanta, Italy, a place of worship for sculptural exploration.

Generally, I start working letting the ideas and sensations flow, I sketch a lot, almost always on the stone itself.   I try to com-penetrate with the material to feel absolutely comfortable improvising on it.  Little by little the sketches start to take more concrete languages, recurrent expressions, common findings… I continue working and in some moments those forms, languages, textures, etc.. make CLICK in me as if they had come face to face with the thoughts and emotions that created them.  At that moment all the relations between what I’m doing and what I’m willing to say start becoming clearer.  I start finding the questions, translating them, and capturing them more consciously on the stone.

Pinto works on marble, granite, among other traditional sculptural art stones, and adapts them to his reality. His pieces reveal the sculptural potential of the stones that inhabit our daily lives, the park stone, the stone that rests on the edge of the road, this is the type of raw material that he uses to exalt the innate characteristics of the material. His sculpture is closely linked to the concept of reconnection, of the energy of the earth, for this reason, he considers his pieces as living beings that affect and are affected by the elements around him.


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