Light's Fire

Juan Jaramillo

Light's Fire

Acrylic on canvas  /  2002 - 100 x 90 cm

Juan Jaramillo was a sui generis artist in attitude, arguments and purpose. His painting, however exposes his adherence to the principles of modern art in terms of breaking with the aesthetic conventions of academism and developing new expressive possibilities, is not easily located within the wide spectrum of trends and movements that this qualifier shelters. For the most part it is decidedly abstract and as such reminiscent of numerous works and trends, but not in a very orthodox or imminent way. And as an expressionist he doesn't follow any of the many versions of this trend very closely. However, the definition closest to his work –among those known in the history of art– is undoubtedly that of Abstract Expressionism and within that very broad movement, that of Lyrical Abstractionism.

His pictorial proposal is focused on spontaneous gestural abstraction, made without previous sketches and based on intuition. The vast majority of his work is part of a great experiment in which the stain and gesture are fundamental as expressive elements, while color is more sensitive than mimetic.

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