Agglomerates / Triptych

Pablo Guzmán

Agglomerates / Triptych

Mixed on canvas  /  2014 - 200 x 330 cm

Pablo Guzman is an artist who is still very young (born 1987), and his technique is already impressive. Most of his works portray young people who interact with the environment, so it draws attention to the careful working of textures and volumes of clothing, with which he tries to make credible the disturbing situations that he narrates, in which the strong color and almost asphyxiating backgrounds create an unsettling atmosphere which is intensified thanks to the almost real size in which he usually works.

But in addition to portraits, Pablo Guzmán proposes works in which he shows the everyday life of spaces. Shutters, walls, doors, are some of the corners that this artist recreates with his fine brushstroke, deceiving the visitors thanks to the closeness of his work with the real forms.

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