Conversaciones con la tierra | Bogotá

Gabriela Estrada Loochkartt

28 July - 04 September, 2022

Four years ago, Gabriela Estrada started building an unusual house: a nest with breathing walls and woven roofs, where the inner life arises from the conversation with the mountain that contains it. In this intimate territory, that has no limits between the outside and the inside, nature grows freely, and the own roots intertwine with those of the place to become stronger.


While she was conceiving her house, using her hands and in an encounter with earth, Gabriela understood that there is a connection between the mountain’s feminine body and hers. Together, woman and mountain guard nature that transforms them in a cyclic way in containers and contained: “The mountain, the house and the uterus are connected by roots and threads. The uterus is the first house where we live, the place where we nestle. To live in a house, you must nestle the same as to live in the mountain. The mountain is the uterus, the sacred place where we are protected and that we must protect. The mountain, the house and the uterus are bodies and feminine beings. They are grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. We carry the mountains in our womb and the mountain carries us before we were born and after death”.


Gabriela questions nature that is mistreated like an object, exploited like a belonging, and made invisible. Her work reflects upon the different ways of dwelling, it shares different listening moments that she has with the mountain and magnifies these conversations. The mountain’s changing body, that is indispensable for life continuity, has become fragile and finite. Conversaciones con la Tierra is an invitation to reciprocally remember and honor the place we inhabit.

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