De Azucar

Ana González

23 August - 29 September, 2012

Her work is about told stories, about people's tales that are part of an inherited culture, about the intangible, the told and lived heritage. Stories that not only belong to one person, but to a collective memory.

This way, she finds memories that seem to give depth and longevity to what is fleeting and small; memories and everyday details that I recapture from my recurrent conversations with people who have lived through violent experiences in Colombian drug war and that in some way prevent the destruction of one’s structure in moments of pain and death.  These small details recaptured in these conversations are subtly transformed into symbols of their past and of their identity like small fortresses that enable them to face life's worst moments.  

Ana listens to people's stories, be them war victims, displaced women and children, injured and disabled soldiers, indigenous people thrown out from their shelters and alienated in the city, or simply persons.  There is where she finds the common places and images that are frequently the reflection of emptiness, ways to avert the unavoidable, ways of helping people face reality, and sometimes, tragedy.

Reality conflicts seem to be lessened by memory and childhood symbols.  Gonzalez  tries to look deeply into that precious experience of the past, into the repetition of childhood images that have been marked by an indefinable happiness in the confines of oblivion.  This is where one can find the relationship object- memory - identity, formed by a series of objects that allow one to feel the presence of their absent holder, and with which  she creates images that give memory a new meaning.

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