Material Dimensions | Madrid

Vanessa Gómez C.

09 September - 30 October, 2021

Crafts are ancestral knowledge, shared and complemented over time; Craftsmanship, the manual technique used for its realization. In it, the hand of the artisan becomes fundamental, as well as her sensitivity to transmit, through her work, a knowledge based on a deep understanding of the rhythms and dynamics of nature.

We are an inevitable part of a landscape that, through its eternal transformation and movement, shows us the changing condition of our existence. It is through the making of fabrics made with materials such as thread, cotton, or beans that Vanessa Gómez tells us about that bodily, cultural and historical connection that we have with the earth. Her pieces commemorate the material relationship we have with the world and invite us to reconnect with our origin.

The noise of her fabrics makes the experience of the vital palpable, intertwining the personal experiences behind the conception of her pieces and the origin of the materials that compose them.

Her work is the updating of a tradition that, despite having its origin in the Latin American indigenous communities, responds to a look made from contemporaneity. Thus, it manages to expand the dimension of the fabric, putting it in dialogue with apparently distant media, such as those of the digital world: the pixel, the resolution, the color layers, among others.

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