Construction Exercises for the Anthropocene | Bogota

Lucas Gallego

19 August - 10 October, 2021

"The landscape can be interpreted as a social product, as the result of a collective transformation of nature and as the cultural projection of a society in a given space"
Joan Nogue, "The landscape as a social construction"

By August 22, 2020, humanity had already exhausted all the resources it could use on the planet during that year, a day known as “the day of ecological debt”. Despite what happened that year, deep in the jungle, the pandemic was not an impediment to continue deforestation activities in the territory. By April, the same forest area had already been felled in the Amazon as in the entirety of 2019. These figures are an index of the excessive relationship that we have established with natural resources, which has been based on a “development” in the which actors, to a greater extent political and economic, have led the legitimization of the appropriation of the land.

Satellite photography is the means through which this project becomes a memory reconstruction mechanism, which seeks to generate a reflection on the effect of our ideals in the territory. This is achieved by reconstructing a cartographic catalog of areas found between Mapiripán, Puerto Lleras and Puerto Gaitán (Colombia), whose extension (27.6 million square meters) is in any case "insignificant" compared to the deforestation phenomenon in the Amazon.

Construction Exercises for the Anthropocene are proposed as a necessary historical document for those experiencing the ravages of deforestation and those of us who live in large cities and seem to ignore what happens miles away. We understand the magnitude of the ecological disaster that we inflict upon the jungle. Thus the purpose is to make us aware that we live on a planet with limited resources.

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