Fuera Abajo

Alejandro Tobón

05 September - 20 September, 2013

The Limits of the Sense

The correspondence established between displaced subject and end of the world is equated with the shreds of meaning contained in the work of artist Alejandro Tobon, for whom the proposed sculpture or installed object contain several scenes suggested in erratic and nomadic dispositions that need not to federate, thus forming a world of sense. Contained landscapes, geographies of memory, deconstruction of space, discontinuous territories are ways of be-coming from materiality. Insistently seeking to unravel the essence of form, the work of Alejandro Tobon moves towards a rediscovery of sculpture, through a concern focused on everyday materials and a metaphorical approach that involves the recognition of objects such as sculptures or architectures -ready-mades- endowed with senses, i.e. in process to move towards.

His work involves renewing the aesthetic treatment of the usual and underlines questions of the landscape, the territory, the body as a receptacle of subjective reality to demonstrate through the redefinition of the materials, the correspondences between subject/object and object/subject, revealing the spiritual essence of things, the way things are offered to us, how they are transmitted. "The magic power of them" (Benjamin). We are then translated by things. Sense and sentient are interwoven again: the world seen as an object.

Extract from text by Lucrecia Piedrahita
Art Curator

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