Ana González

She graduated as an architect at the University of the Andes, majored in Art and Gender at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and did her Masters in Photography-Printing-Publishing at the ESNBA and the ESCP in Paris, France. Her works and sculptural interventions reveal her particular concern to understand the displacement, the architecture, the nature and the absence from a feminine point of view of office, inheritance and invoice. Her body of work has developed it based on the experience of listening closely and in parallel to her work, to people / craftsmen from sectors of the displaced population victims of the armed conflict that have emigrated to urban centers.

Projects such as Sleeping Beauties, Mutatio, Pass y Flora, Nymphaea Salvaje and Mutuum make the interest evident in the observation of the abandoned architecture caused by the displacement, the invasive nature and the exploration of the phenomena that occurs over them.  The craft, the invoice and the family tradition are part of her motivation to highlight the feminine and organic side of her history. Crafts she learned from her grandmother, an embroiderer, and her grandfather, a photographer, are present in each piece. Her passion for research of women's life and gaze in the artistic and scientific field throughout history has been an inspiration that complements her work.


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